Food & Fitness Plan: 11/28-12/4

Hello world and Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a blessed and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend. My weekend was filled with good food, family, friends, Gilmore Girls, naps, and some shopping! All in all, I'd say it was a successful long weekend!

I used to write up my weekly plan every week back in the day at the beginning of my blogging adventure. I really miss writing these posts up because they keep me accountable to my goals and help me plan things out! So I thought, why not do them again? It's been hard for me to stick to a good routine what with being pregnant and cravings starting to hit (brownies and cinnamon rolls anyone??) so I really want to ensure that I stay as healthy as possible for my baby and for myself throughout this pregnancy! A baby is not an excuse to let myself go, but more of a reason to stay healthy and well-nourished! 

So with that said, here is my workout plan for the week! I am modifying things like crazy right now so as to stay as safe as possible. If you are pregnant, be sure to talk to your doctor before you start a new exercise routine! 

  • Monday: Core de force kickboxing (done, did it this morning and felt great!)
  • Tuesday: rest day
  • Wednesday: walking at gym + free weights 
  • Thursday: active maternity second trimester workout
  • Friday: Lower body workout
  • Saturday: rest day
  • Sunday: rest day

I'm taking a lot more rest days than I used to, and my goal during this pregnancy is to workout 4x/week. I will always be listening to my body though and making sure I am not pushing myself too hard!

As far as meals go, we have a ton of leftovers from Thanksgiving, plus freezer foods and vegetables, so I am going to try my best to not buy too much this week (other than fruit, which we are completely out of). Here is my plan!

  • Breakfast: Waffles w/peanut butter, oatmeal, egg wraps
  • Lunch: Bean soup, leftover turkey, rice, vegetables
  • Dinner: Tilapia w/potatoes and broccoli, turkey burgers, bean quesadillas, salads
  • Snacks: string cheese, cucumbers, carrots, nuts, crackers

That's about it for this week since we will be out a couple times and I will be staying with my parents this weekend! My hubby is taking our youth group up to Big Bear this weekend for Winter Camp. I'm so bummed to miss it but I don't want to risk anything with the altitude and the baby! 

Have you made a plan yet for the week? I know for me, if I fail to plan, I plan to fail! It is so important to be prepared for the week ahead when making healthy choices, so don't forget to schedule in your workouts and plan out your meals for success!

Have a great Monday everyone!