A Different Take on Before and After Pictures

I've had it on my heart to write a short and sweet post about having a different view of the typical "before and after" pictures...you know, those transformations of people looking SO different and you wonder what they did and if you can do it too? 

I've shared before and afters before, and I probably will continue to share them. They motivate me and motivate others, and it's kind of fun to see progress! BUT, what is often misinterpreted when sharing this is what these transformations actually mean. They don't mean I was ugly and now I'm beautiful. They don't mean that I hated myself then and I love myself now. What they do mean, to me anyhow, is how drastically LIFE has changed between the two pictures. How my lifestyle, mood, emotional health, spiritual growth, and overall LIFE has changed. 

What these pictures show is that ANYTHING is possible. Not just the physical transformation, but more importantly, the INNER transformation. What happens inside is so much more important than what happens outside.

In this before picture, I was not in a good place: I was binging, feeling sorry for myself, obsessed with food, punishing myself for failing, and was miserable. I'm NOT saying I was ugly or unwanted, I was just not taking care of myself. In the after picture, I feel strong, vibrant, energized, and capable. NOTHING to do with looks or beauty, but all inner transformations that occurred between these two pictures. 

These pictures are always hard to share, because let's face it, vulnerability is HARD. But I want you to know that if your goals are just about appearance and that number on the scale, lasting change won't happen. Transforming on the INSIDE is so much more important and satisfying than transforming on the outside. Weight loss and being a certain size...that's great and an added perk. But if you are unwilling to do the inner work, to push yourself mentally and break down those walls, and to really focus on what your body needs to be NOURISHED, instead of what you "should" or "shouldn't" be eating, lasting change won't happen. You will stay on that yo-yo for years and years and wonder why you never reached your goals. 

Digging deeper from the inside out is what will lead to healthier and happier lifestyle. I've found this in my own life, and have seen this transformation in the countless clients that I've worked with. What I love about being a Beachbody coach, is that inner health is emphasized just as much as physical health. If we aren't in a good place mentally and emotionally, all of the physical changes will ebb and flow, and we will never feel like we have a consistent footing on our health and fitness journey. Exercise and healthy eating: that's simple. But exploring our inner being and discovering what we are capable of and the kind of LIFE (not looks) we are possible of living, THAT is incredible. That is what leads to lasting change, and what leads my clients to say "wow, I really can do this!" It's a life-changing thing to witness and go through together! It's rewarding to provide my clients with the tools, meal plans, and encouragement necessary to reach these INNER transformations, not just the outer ones. 

Are your goals more outer-based or inner-based? Do you obsess about the number on the scale and "good" and "bad" foods, or do you focus on how energetic you feel, how well you sleep, or feeling nourished? I'm finally discovering what it means to be healthy on the INSIDE, and not just the outside. I'm learning that inner change is far more valuable than any size on my pants or number on that scale. If you have trouble with finding motivation besides outer appearance to get healthy and live the kind of life you want, you aren't alone. I work with countless women on a regular basis and help them set healthy intentions that will lead them closer to the kind of LIFESTYLE they want to live and the kind of women they want to be...and the physical benefits and weight loss? That's just a side dish to the main meal! 

Do you want to work with me on a closer basis and figure out what YOUR health intentions are? Are you tired of living in yoyo-land and not moving forward with your goals? I'd love to hear from you and chat! Email me at tveen.verano@gmail.com, or fill out the form below and I'll get back to you! I'm so passionate about living a nourished AND free life, and I'm bursting at the seams to pay that forward! 

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