Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday everyone! This week flew by for me since I had Monday off, but I'm still so happy the weekend is here! We have really been enjoying our new home, and my favorite part so far has been my 8 minute commute, versus my 45 minute commute to our old apartment! It is so nice to finally clock out and be settled at home 10 minutes later. 

I thought I'd do a "Friday Favorites" post since I have a lot of favorites to chat about lately!

1. My new work space! Last summer, I set a goal that in one year, I wanted a set and official work space. As many of you know, I am currently building a business as a Beachbody coach, but the only room I had in our old apartment was the floor, couch, or random moments on my phone to work on it! In our new house, we converted the second bedroom to an office for both my hubby and I, and this goal has officially been met! I love having my quiet time here, space to work on my business and check in with my clients , and a space to workout! It's quickly becoming my favorite room of the house. 


2. Justin's nut butter packs. I have one of these a DAY and they are just delicious and amazing and fill me right up! Healthy fats are so "in" nowadays, and I love that there is a sweet treat packed inside these packets, as well as healthy almond butter! The vanilla almond butter and chocolate hazelnut butter are my absolute favorites!


3. Armor of God study! In my work space picture above, you can see that I am currently working my way through the "Armor of God" Bible study by Pricilla Shirer. This study is so eye opening, faith-strengthening, and has rocked me to my core. It is all about being armed and ready for the enemy's attacks. This week was about real faith and how to step out in faith so that your faith takes action and isn't just theoretical. So convicting, I can't wait to keep going and digging into God's word! 

4. Hammer and Chisel! I started up Hammer and Chisel again this past Monday! It's my favorite program and I already feel more like myself doing it! This program + following the 21 day fix meal plan has given me SO much freedom in my health and fitness journey! Building and learning how to feed your muscles is so rewarding and strengthening. I feel like God is making me stronger with this program and teaching me how to use whatever I eat and drink for HIS glory, not my own. My Nourished and Free community is also following along with the 21 day fix meal plan and feels the same! The program is actually on a massive sale this month with Shakeology, so now is the perfect time to try it out if you have been curious about it! It's not too late to join us, click here for more info! 


5. Plants! I've been gushing about my love of plants for months since I've been adopting a more plant-based approach to eating, so I am sharing what I've learned in a FREE accountability group next week about eating more plants! I've been researching and writing up recipes for my group all morning and I am just so excited for everyone in the group and the info they will be receiving! If you'd like to join, it's not too late! Just fill out the form below and I will get in touch with you. Remember this group is FREE with no strings attached, so take advantage of getting back on track with your eating and veggies before the 4th of July weekend celebrations begin!

That's all I have for this lovely Friday! I hope you all have a wonderful, restful, and exciting weekend! 

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