Pregnancy: Week 17-20

Happy New Year everyone!!!  2017 is finally here! I haven't posted for a while, life has been crazy! But I thought I'd do another pregnancy update since I hadn't done one in a while...and we finally know our baby is a girl!! 


 How far along are you?

21 weeks today! 


GIRL!! Pink everything!! 

How big is the baby?

This week, the baby is the size of a large carrot! I can't believe how fast she is growing! 

Total weight gain:

I am still 2 lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight. But my appetite is improving so I'm hoping to start gaining weight soon! And the baby is right on track with her growth, so that was exciting to see! 

 How am I feeling?

I'm feeling pretty good! I had a bout of sciatica a few weeks ago but a few trips to the chiropractor and I'm much better! Now it's just those good ol digestive issues (TMI sorry!) 

Maternity clothes?

Ohhhh yes! Loving my maternity pants and flowy tops! 

Favorite workouts:

I've been told to lay off the workouts because of some minor complications, so that's what I'm doing. Just some light walking. I definitely wanted to workout during this pregnancy, but I'm listening to the doctor and doing what's best for my baby! 

Stretch marks:

None and I hope it stays that way! I’ve been using bio oil and a “bump cream” I found on Amazon. Hopefully they help!


None lately...just getting hungrier which is good! I'm trying to stick to healthy foods, but I'm really liking sweets too! 

Food aversions:

I still have aversions to meat, but I'm trying to fill up on beans and fish for protein! 


No change here! Still sleeping terribly and tossing and turning. My OB says this is normal, so I guess I’ll just have to deal!

What I miss:

Energy, working out, and more than 1 cup of coffee/day! 

What I am looking forward to:

Our next ultrasound so we can see our baby again! Also I am feeling her move so much and I am looking forward to more of that! 


I can't believe I am over halfway through this pregnancy! It's been so exciting to watch our baby (and my belly) grow!