Why I returned to Beachbody Coaching!


I am bursting at the seams (literally since I'm pregnant haha) to share with you all that I am BACK to being a Beachbody coach as of last week!  This decision was a LONG time coming, and I'm so happy I was brave enough to join back into the community that I love so much. 

As many of you know, I became a Beachbody coach back in 2015 and loved it! I was helping people lose weight, get healthy, and find the strength within themselves to finally live the healthy life they've always wanted. But by summer of 2016, I let life and other stresses get in the way. I also wanted to focus more on my private practice as a dietitian (which I'm still doing!) so I decided to step back from Beachbody. Within a month, I immediately regretted that decision! There is just something about the community I am a part of (shout out to Team Inspire Joy!) that I loved and missed. Those ladies strove to be better people, and encouraged me to a be a better person as well. We were all still friends outside of coaching, but I missed doing Beachbody life with them (i.e. workouts, shakeology, motivational talks, inspiring books, and business trainings). 

I thought long and hard for MONTHS about joining back, and then got pregnant (wooo!) and has a rough first trimester of pregnancy. My hubby and I made a deal that I'd wait till I was feeling better to make a final decision. And on January 4th, 2017, I rejoined my teamof  Beachbody coaches and am officially open for business again! 

Being back in the beach body world has taught me two things: one, that I have so much potential inside me that I should not waste. God has gifted us all with special abilities and I firmly believe that my career as a dietitian plus my passion for health and fitness have brought me to the very place. I won't let fear or anything else hold me back from my bigger purpose! 

Two: being a part of a community of women that are striving to make themselves better physically, spiritually, and emotionally is what I need. I needed that boost of motivation to choose healthier foods for me and my baby, to work hard at my business, and to surround myself with women that I know will empower me to just be BETTER...to be ME. Life is short and we only get one, so why not do the things that make us happy? 

So what does life look like right now for me? Well; I am still taking private clients through my practice as a dietitian (see above for more info!) BUT I will also be starting up my free accountability groups and longer challenge groups (my bootcamps!) that I ranmonthly  as a Beachbody coach! To kick off my business, I am hosting a FREE 5 day healthy eating challenge staring next Monday, the 16th! This is what it entails and all you will receive, for free! 




If you are interested in joining; or have any questions on how you can work with me, fill out the form below and I'll get back to you! I'm planning on making 2017 an amazing year and I'm hoping you will do the same! Don't sell yourself short on what you are capable of or what you are worth! Fill out the form below and we can start brainstorming ways to help you reach your goals and get healthier and happier! 

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