Your BEST Year: 2018 Nutrition Packages!

How many times have you made a New Years resolution regarding your health, only to see it wave good bye to you by mid- January? Did you know that according to research, most people quit their resolutions by January 6th. SIX DAYS IN! But let me tell you,  it will definitely take longer than six days to reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and you are more than worth the investment to do so.

Special 2018 Holiday Packages.png

How about making 2018 the year that you achieve your resolutions and prove research wrong? How about you make it past January, February, and dare I say it, even March? How about you keep your healthy habits long enough to make them a LIFESTYLE, so that by 2019, you don't even need to set these same resolutions again, like you do every year?? 

I'm here to help you make 2018 your BEST year yet. Part of living life to the fullest is making sure your instrument to do life with is in tip-top shape. Do you desire to be more active, not be afraid to take pictures, try on clothes with joy, and be a good example of wellness to your kiddos? Our body is our home on this earth, so we should treat them like royalty! We need to fuel them properly, like a luxury car, so that we can live our life to our fullest potential, have vibrant energy, and experience life with joy and fulfillment.

Nutrition plays a huge role in this healthy lifestyle, so I've decided to offer some special Nutrition consulting packages for the new year. These packages will serve as your tool kit so you are armed and ready this year to finally make healthy living part of your routine, and your life. Every body works differently, and functions best eating certain foods and doing certain movements. As a registered dietitian, my goal is to make a custom plan that works best for YOU, your goals, and your body. We will find an eating plan that fits into your life in a way that makes you feel balanced and nourished. We will set goals and an action plan for you, and work TOGETHER to make sure that you achieve these goals. And I will be with you every step of the way as your personal dietitian, motivator, and your biggest fan!

By the end of our time together, I promise that you will feel:

  • empowered in your food choices
  • knowledgeable about nutrition
  • committed to your health lifestyle
  • vibrant and energetic all day long
  • confident in your food choices and exercise routine

If you want to feel ALL those feels, I've given you two packages to choose from, depending on how long you would like to work together!  I hope you realize how WORTH it you are to invest in yourself and finally make your resolutions a REALITY in 2018.

The 8-week Special:

  • 1 initial consultation
  • 4 follow up sessions
  • 8 weeks of unlimited email support
  • 5 meal ideas/recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Cost: $329.00

The 16-week Special:

  • 1 initial consultation
  • 16 follow up sessions
  • 16 weeks of unlimited email support
  • 10 meal ideas/recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Cost: $479.00

These special packages will only be around until December 29th, just in time for the new year and your BEST year yet. If you have any questions, please contact me. Or, if you are ready to be a go-getter and commit to your health in 2018, purchase the package of your choice below and I will contact you so we can get started!

These packages are no longer available at these prices. Please click here to learn how you can work with me further!