Recent Eats & Cooking Adventures

Hello world! I hope you all are having a great start to the week. We are in the official 2 week stretch to Christmas and I. CANNOT. WAIT. I'm already a kid at heart, plus the fact that it is Emma's first Christmas and my hubby and I are over the moon excited!

I thought I'd share with you some of my recent eats and culinary adventures. I've been cooking up new recipes and love the variety I've been adding to our meal plan. For a while, my husband and I were in a turkey-rice-salad rut. Every week, that's all I'd meal prep. But since going gluten free/paleoish back in October, I knew that the only way I'd be able to stick to this way of eating is if I experimented with new foods, new recipes, and made my favorite treats in a healthier way so I could still enjoy them. And let me tell you, that mission has been wildly successful! I've found that the more options I have, the less deprived I feel, and the more I focus on how GOOD my body, mind, and soul feel. Here are some of my recent eats and cooking adventures!

These Thumbprint Cookies are so Christmasy and delicious! They taste like buttery shortbread cookies and the jam just takes them over the top. They are from Danielle Walker's Celebrations Cookbook (you'll see that a lot of the recipes I've been trying are from her books/blog. No, I am not getting paid to mention, just want to give credit where credit is due! Her recipes have been saving me, so I just have to share!)


This plate is from my company's Christmas party this past weekend. The roasted vegetables were delicious and the tri tip was cooked PERFECTLY. I didn't even miss the rolls or cake because this main meal satisfied and filled me up!


Again, these are the real deal chocolate chip cookies from Against All Grain. I made them for our youth group this past weekend and no one could even tell they were paleo! They were gone in 5 minutes and a huge success.


I also made Chicken Tikka Masala in about 10 minutes in the instant pot! Tastes so good with cauliflower rice!  


I’m finding myself needing more carb-rich snacks so these plantain chips from Trader Joe’s have been tasting great and fueling me up. I even dipped them in guacamole yesterday and oh myyyyyyy so good! 


My mom loved processed, icky, peanut butter granola bars. So I decided to make her a “cleaner” version so they would be just as convenient to grab and go before work. She LOVED them, here’s the recipe!  


All in all, I’ve been enjoying some delicious food lately! What’s been on your plate lately? What’s your favorite dish you’ve had from this past week?? Share below I’d love to hear!