Pregnancy: Weeks 24-26

I feel like SO much has changed since I last updated everyone on my pregnancy! I am getting bigger and bigger, but feeling so much better! Very thankful to God that my energy is back and I am feeling more like myself!

How far along are you?

26 weeks and 2 days



How big is the baby?

This week, our sweet baby is the size of a butternut squash, which seems HUGE to me! 

Total weight gain:

I am finally 141! So I have gained 4 lbs since my pre-pregnancy weight of 137. 

How am I feeling?

I'm feeling pretty good! I have a lot more energy now, just getting bigger and getting used to having a big belly!

Maternity clothes?

Yup!!! I'm loving maternity leggings, they are so comfortable! My husband jokes that I am not going to want to wear normal clothes once the baby comes. But I DO miss shopping for clothes and kind of can't wait to get back into normal clothing. But for now, comfort trumps all. 

Favorite workouts:

Country Heat has been a lifesaver! I am streaming the workout on Beachbody on Demand (basically netflix for workouts!) and also get access to a million other programs as well! So I am doing Country Heat along with Beachbody's Active Maternity workout, and going on walks. I am so happy to be active again!

Stretch marks:

None and I hope it stays that way! I’ve been using bio oil and a “bump cream” I found on Amazon. I also just ordered some Cocoa butter too! My belly is itchy so I just keep moisturizing! 


I am having fleeting cravings that don't last long, so I rarely give in. The other day I craved Frosted Flakes cereal (a childhood favorite that I haven't had for 10 years!) but an hour later, they sounded disgusting to me so I never go them. I am trying to choose healthy foods when possible, but also giving into cravings from time to time. Everything I eat will effect baby girl, so I want to give her the best options I can!

Food aversions:

Still not a fan of red meat, but everything else has been sitting well! 


It is getting better some nights, then terrible other nights. I'm just rolling with the punches at this point!

What I miss: 

Working out more intensely, clothes shopping, and more than 1 cup of coffee/day! Especially with the lack of sleep!

What I am looking forward to:

Our next ultrasound is tomorrow where the will measure her and make sure she is growing on track since we have a velementous cord insertion. We will be checking on her growth every 2 weeks which is kind of nice because we get to see baby girl every 2 weeks! We are praying she still keeps growing big and strong!


Thanks for reading and for your sweet comments and prayers for our baby! It's been so exciting to see all the changes happening to my body with pregnancy. It is truly is a miracle! We can't wait to finally meet you, baby girl!