Inflammation is NOT my friend

Wow, I cannot believe how long it has been since I've written a post! I am SO sorry! I've been crazy busy this past week nursing my poor hip/knee, which has appeared to have gotten worse, as well as studying for my RD exam. It's been really tough not being able to workout the way I am used to, especially because running is not about burning calories for me anymore. It's become something I look forward to every  morning when I wake up. It's become a way for me to think, pray, and relieve my stress before the day begins. Which is why I am determined to have this pain figured out! I have not run for 3 weeks now, and it is really starting to get on my nerves! I went to the doctor this week, who ordered x-rays, and a possible MRI if the x-rays come out clean. Since I'm pretty sure I have no broken bones, I'm hoping the MRI will be the next step to make sure I haven't torn any muscles or ligaments. I'm certain this pain is inflammatory and is caused by overuse, and possibly the need for new running shoes (which I wish were cheaper)!

In the meantime, I've been trying to do as much as I can to alleviate the stress on my hip and knee, while still working out and maintaining my endurance and active lifestyle. For example, this morning, I did 3 miles on the elliptical, with no incline and minimal resistance (between 1-3)...

photo 2

Even though I definitely don't get the endorphins I am used to on the elliptical, I am trying to be positive and focus on the fact that I can still do SOMETHING to move my legs and stay active! After my workouts, I typically come home and ice my hip and knee while having a light snack...check out these jumpo grapes from a few days ago!

photo 1


I've also been dabbling in a "paleo" type of lifestyle this week, since these foods are anti-inflammatory, and I'm hoping they may help my pain! I haven't been too strict on this, and might see better results if I am more strict; but for now, I am trying to focus on being grain and dairy free, icing my hip and knee, and stretching as much as possible.

Today, I had a lovely sausage and veggie omelet for lunch, and got a surprise double-yolk from one of my eggs! These grain and dairy free meals have been helping me in the staying-full and having-energy department, so I am very much hoping they will help my pain as well!

photo 3

I'm hoping to be back and running again very soon. My plan is to wait on my doctor for the results of my x-ray, and for a possible MRI. I am also going to continue my elliptical regimen with icing and stretching afterwards. I am going to try my best to stay grain and dairy free for a short while to see if that impacts my pain. I am also going to check out a running store soon to see if I need new or different shoes. Hopefully these things will help me heal soon, as I am SO ready to get back to my running!

I hope you all are having a fantastic Thursday and I hope to be writing again soon! :)

Training with an Injury

Today marks about 5 weeks until my half-marathon! It also marks that time that I had shooting pain down my back/hip/bottom while running and almost fell off the treadmill :( I have been trying to do 2-3 mile runs ever since my hip decided to grace me with its painful presence last week. I was doing well until this morning. The minute I hit mile 3, I had the worst pain shoot down my left hip/bottom, which is crazy because it is my RIGHT hip that always gives me trouble! I decided, or rather, was forced, to get off the treadmill immediately and do some stretches in order to be able to just walk out of the gym! After stretching I did some arm work and was definitely done with my workout. I immediately got to work on my half-marathon training plan, taking my injury into account. I know that rest, icing, and the lovely smelling icy-hot are going to be the only things that will help my pain and allow me to successfully run my half-marathon in 5 weeks! As hard as it is for me to rest, I have been reminding myself that resting now means better success later. After reading up on my pain online and seeing that rest for a few days up to a week is necessary, I have tweaked my plan and am going to hopefully be running again in a few days! Here is my tentative plan for training with an injury this week:

10/14 (today): Cardio: 3 mile run. Toning: biceps, triceps, back

10/15: Cardio: rest from cardio! Toning: shoulder routine

10/16: Cardio: rest OR try a cardio barre class. This workout could either stretch out my hips and help the pain, OR make the pain worse...I will definitely be listening to my body with this one! Toning: chest, triceps, push ups

10/17: Cardio: 2 mile run OR rest. Toning: shoulder routine, back

10/18: Cardio: 2 mile run OR 20 minutes ellipitcal. Toning: Frisky fall toning routine (minus lunges/squats) from a fall challenge group I am a part of with Tone it Up! (

10/19: Cardio: I am being positive and planning to run 2 miles today! Toning: biceps, triceps, push ups

10/20: Busy day planned out so this will probably be a rest day overall! Maybe some quick toning work in the morning :)

Stretching will also be HUGE as I try to overcome this injury. I have never been a good stretcher, which I know is probably why I get injured like this! Not only will I try to get better at stretching, but will also continue to stretch even after my pain is gone in order to prevent future injuries! Hopefully I can be pain-free in a few days and pick up my running and training for my half-marathon!