Recap: Week 1 of 21 day fix!

I can't believe I am one week down of doing the 21 day fix. And in my third trimester too! I'm feeling amazing and energized while doing this program, so I thought I'd share how my first week went! 


I started off the week with Total Body Cardio which is pretty much my favorite workout of them all! 28 mins of cardio intervals with weights leave you sweaty and feeling so accomplished at the end! Even modifying for pregnancy got me working up a sweat! The rest of the week's workouts were lower fix, cardio fix, and dirty 30 fix. Upper fix is done mostly lying on your back/with planks, which I can't do while preggers! So I did Body Beast arms instead (I love having access to all these different programs). Also, 21 day fix has Pilates and Yoga days, but since they have a lot of back and core work, I subbed those out with some Core de Force (Beachbody's martial arts workout), and Autumn's active maternity series. Having access to Beachbody on demand (basically Netflix for workouts!) makes it so easy to modify some things for pregnancy. I always always ALWAYS recommend my clients follow their programs from start to finish without modifications, but since I'm pregnant, I'm making some adjustments! I may even add some walks since the weather will be gorgeous, and rest days as I listen to my body and see what I need! 


Meal wise, I think I did pretty well! The first day doing the program, I had my gestational diabetes test. So I stick to protein all morning until I took the test in the afternoon, then had a big bowl of veggie green curry and brown rice for dinner! 


Breakfasts have consisted of spinach scrambles. I've been on an egg kick lately and I don't anticipate that changing anytime soon! Eggs have so many vital nutrients that are healthy for pregnancy, so I'm eating them up!


If you've been following me for a while, you'll know that ground turkey meat is a weekly staple for our home. My husband loves it, it takes 10 minutes to cook up, and it's easy to prep at the beginning of week! So most of my lunches last week were turkey, rice, salad, and fruit! 


For dinner, I chopped up some chicken sausage and potatoes, then seasoned with some cajun seasoning! Here is the recipe, it's super simple to make and tastes great as leftovers! 

Meals were delicious, workouts were on point, and I'd say I feel pretty motivated going into week 2! If you'd like to join me with this program, fill out this form and I will get in touch with you! There are spots still available for my March bootcamp that starts in a couple days, and we will be following this program and the meal plan! The accountability of these groups, plus the short workouts and easy to follow meal plan is what has kept time on track, so I highly recommend joining if you are interested! I'll be with you every step of the way!!

I hope you have a terrific Monday everyone! 

Move more and sit less

Wow, I can't believe it's been over a MONTH since I posted on my blog! This blog is something near and dear to my heart, and I don't plan on disappearing again for this long! But I have needed a break from social media/the internet lately, and the first things to suffer were my Instagram account and my blog. But don't worry, I'm back! Sometimes it's nice to unplug, and then plug right back in when you are rested and ready. 

I've been reading so many articles lately about how detrimental sitting can be for our health. I know for me, even as a registered dietitian and health professional, my job consists of a LOT of sitting. I sit with my patients when reviewing their lab work and meal plans, I sit at my desk while I chart and do paper work, and then most of the time, I come home from work, so tired from sitting, that I just sit some more! My energy levels have been dropping, and I've realized that the more I sit, the more tired I get, and the more I want to sit some more. It's a vicious, vicious cycle (and please tell me I'm not alone)!

Yep, already 2pm on this particular day and only had 2000 steps! 

Yep, already 2pm on this particular day and only had 2000 steps! 

But a big motivation to move is current research that shows that the more you sit, the more likely you are to develop heart disease and diabetes. And trust me, you do NOT want those diseases. Diabetes is a huge contributing factor to renal (kidney) failure, and as a renal dietitian who works with patients daily who have failed kidneys and are on dialysis, diabetes is the number one thing my patients wish they prevented or taken more care of early on in life. Diabetes can cause problems with eye sight, with nerve/feeling in your extremities, and can cause renal failure. Patients with renal failure eventually end up on dialysis which is a treatment that comes along with a complete lifestyle overhaul: dialysis 3 days a week, limits on how much fluid you can drink, and a very restrictive diet that cuts out even the "healthiest" of foods, such as avocados, potatoes, bananas, and nuts, which become detrimental to someone with kidney failure. 

We all know that a healthy diet is crucial to health and longevity. Limiting refined carbohydrates and sweets is important. We should be choosing whole foods most of time, such as a variety of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, legumes, and healthy fats. But, where does activity factor in to the mix? 


Being active can be hard in our fast paced society. When I work with my private practice clients and suggest them adding activity into their day, I often get "I don't have time" and "I'm just so tired" as the top excuses. What we often fail to understand is that exercise gives us MORE energy than we could ever think of! The supply of oxygen that floods through our bodies as we get our heart rate up gives us an extra jolt, feel-good endorphins, and naturally gives us more energy for the rest of our day. 

Just 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day has been shown to be wildly beneficial for overall health. That can be as easy to fit in as a 30 minute sitcom. Setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier in the morning to powerwalk, or heading to the gym for 30 minutes after work is not only doable, but will make you a healthier and more vibrant person in your everyday life at work, with friends, and with family. Heck, even going on walks during your breaks at work can make a big difference!



What are some ways you can see yourself being more active throughout the day? Make yourself a priority and schedule in your workouts. You wouldn't miss a work meeting, right? So why would you miss the most important meeting of your day; taking care of yourself and your health!? 

So, nourish yourself well, move some more, sit less, and see how your energy levels will skyrocket and your health will improve! If you need a little more one-on-one work on how to get started on your healthy living journey, my door is always open! Contact me and we can get started putting a plan together for you! 

PiYo 1 month results: More than you think!

Good morning everyone, and happy Friday! We made it through another week, praise the Lord! I am so excited for this coming weekend! Tomorrow is my bachelorette party so I get to spend the day with some of my favorite ladies! And today is exactly 30 days away from my wedding, AHHHH!!!! I can't wait, I am just so excited!! Today, I thought I'd share my 1 month PiYo results. As many of you know, I started PiYo a little over a month ago, and it has completely changed my life and the way I view my body and my capabilities. I am going to share a before and after (something I have never done!) but I'd like to focus on more than just the physical/weight differences that I have experienced.


The first picture was taken February 16th, my first day of PiYo. And the second picture was yesterday. I've lost 10 lbs and my smaller jeans zip up perfectly, but the biggest difference to me is that look on my face. The girl in the first picture was tired, run down, and felt like she couldn't move her body like she used to. You can just see it on her face. I was dealing with my knee injury and feeling slightly depressed that I wasn't able to run anymore. I felt lost when it came to workouts and didn't know what would be effective for me anymore.

The girl on the right is BEAMING with happiness. Look at that smile! I have seen such changes in my body, from my physical appearance to my abilities. I am able to do the moves in PiYo now and feel strong and beautiful while I do them. I've never experienced anything like that! I never thought yoga or pilates would be something I am so passionate about, but it's completely changed my body and my confidence in what my body can do. I just can't stop smiling.

Now, as a dietitian, I have to mention that nutrition is 80% of the equation when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle! I've really been eating healthier the past month and incorporating as many whole foods as possible. I've also been drinking shakeology every day for the past month, and it has completely changed my life as well! See my previous post "A Dietitian's Take on Shakeology" for a more detailed review. All I can say is I feel like I am having brownie batter every day, and I'm losing weight. Win-win in my book!



Lastly, I have been filling my belly with whole, nutritious foods. I am craving vegetables and big 'ol salads! Last night, I made a yummy tuna salad in a huge mixing bowl with arugula, kale, spinach, tomatoes, and bell peppers! It was DELICIOUS! The more whole foods you eat, the more on top of the world you feel. Having whole fruit, vegetables, proteins, healthy fats, and whole food carbs make a world of difference when it comes to your health, weight, and energy levels.



I'm so excited to see what this second month of PiYo will bring me. And I will end the program 3 days before my wedding...PERFECT! I will definitely post those results too. If any of you are interested in doing PiYo, please contact me at! I would LOVE to be your coach and help you get the results you want. I can't keep this workout to myself and would love to see everyone experience the changes and confidence I have experienced in the last month. So don't hesitate! Email me and we can get started together!


PiYo Review Week 1

FullSizeRender-2 I am so excited to be writing this post. In the past 7 days, I feel like my life has turned upside down in the best way possible. After weeks and weeks of researching the PiYo workout program, I decided to finally give in and order it 2 weeks ago. It finally came on Monday, and I began the program immediately. I can honestly say that this was one of the best decisions of my life.

This workout is unlike any workout I’ve ever done before. It has a Pilates and yoga feel, but is SO intense and pushes my limits each time. And the plus side? My knees and hips aren’t sore afterwards.

Here is the schedule for the first week:


The first day was the Align Fundamentals workout, which isn’t exactly a workout but more of teaching you the correct positions and postures for each move. This DVD is crucial to making sure that you are doing the workout right. I highly recommend doing this DVD before starting the program!

The next few workouts were the define lower and upper body workouts. These workouts were each about 20-25 minutes and gave me such a good workout in a short amount of time. Short and sweet is definitely what I need these days! I'm doing early shifts at work, as well as planning a wedding and trying to maintain some kind of sleep, rest, and relaxation! I loved the length of these workouts because I still finished them feeling like my arms and legs were on fire, but didn't have to drive anywhere or do anything else. Just popped in the DVD and that was it!

Next, on to my favorite workout of the week, SWEAT. This workout was crazy. I was dripping all over my yoga mat! This workout was 35-40 minutes long and all I can say After this workout, I became fully convinced that PiYo is the program for me. I loved the intensity of it, without all the jumping and smashing my joints.

Some added benefits to the program is that I have already felt it improve my posture. I am a big sloucher, and this program has helped me with my flexibility, strength, and just being more aware of my body's alignment. In just one week, I feel more flexible and am sitting a little straighter. This program just goes to show that you don't need to run 6 miles a day to get strong and fit. Granted, I DO love to run, but I also love the change that this program has brought into my life. I am challenging myself daily with endurance and pushing my boundaries. I have never had much confidence with yoga, but now I am willing to try harder every day.

As always, nutrition is a key component to any health and fitness journey. What you eat is about 80-90% of the equation. I have kept things pretty healthy his week, but still delicious. Meals ranging from eggs to oats, to thai green curry to sweet potato fries. I've been able to eat healthy and in moderation and really fuel my body. I love the saying that you can't outrun your fork, and this is so true. No matter how much you workout, be sure to be feeding your body good, whole foods that you energize you and bring health to your body.

I really hope you all get a chance to try this program. I will keep you posted on my thoughts as the program progresses, and I can't wait to try some of the new workouts on the schedule for this coming week!

Changing Things UP!

Good morning everyone! It really feels like Monday today, even though it is Tuesday, and for that, I am grateful! This long weekend was just what I needed, to not only rest but also get a ton of stuff ready for my bridal shower coming up. I am getting married in 62 days and can't believe all the things that still need to get done. But I know that everything will happen in time, and in a little over two months, I will be in Hawaii with my hubby and we will be beginning a new phase of our lives together. I can't wait! So many things have changed about my food and fitness routine in the past couple weeks. I am really trying to discover what works best for me, my body, and my mind. I've dialed back the intensity of my workouts and have been doing a lot more light walking. I also ordered PiYo, which came in the mail yesterday! It was perfect because it arrived on a Monday, and the program calendar starts on a Monday with their Align fundamentals workout, so I did that yesterday.



I am looking forward to this program because I feel that it is exactly what my body needs at the moment; some hard core toning work without jumping up and down and killing my knees. I've had so much knee soreness and pain lately, even thought I haven't been running nearly as much. My cardio has been walking, elliptical, very SLOW and SHORT runs (like 5.0 mph for 10 minutes or so), walking, and more walking. Did I mention...walking? I've been walking outside, on the treadmill, and on my breaks from work. It's really helped keep me active and motivated with my steps (I bought a Fit Bit a few weeks back and love it!) and it's been easy on my knees. This is me taking a nice sunny walk last week on my 10 minute break at work!



Like I said, I bought a FitBit and it has been really fun to use! I love seeing how many steps I've taken and how active I've been. This morning's workout set me up pretty good, all before 7am! I did a 40 minute elliptical workout and did a slow 12 minute run. I plan on doing the PiYo lower body workout tonight when I get home from work!



Food wise, I've been letting myself have a little too many treats and sweets lately, which is ok in moderation, but not ok every day! I'm trying to move forward and have been keeping things pretty healthy the past few days. My fiancé and I did get Pinkberry this past weekend on Valentine's Day, but hey...we were celebrating!


As many of you know, I've been on a journey of no more calorie counting. I can't help but think that maybe I need that structure back in my life, especially with my wedding coming up and all the stress eating/not eating that tends to happen around this time! I've been playing around with the idea of keeping track of myself again, but I'm not too sure about it yet. But that's another post for another time...

Lastly, I bought this new journaling Bible that I am IN LOVE with. I am a huge margin writer, underliner, and highlighter when it comes to reading my Bible. I love that this Bible leaves room for me to write!



Life has been great lately. Things have been good, and I am looking forward to my wedding in just a couple short months! But things have also been stressful. Which is normal when you are going through any exciting time in your life. I've just learned that I can't rely on my own strength to get through. I definitely need Jesus and the people around me. Don't think you have to do things all on your own...we have a God who loves us and wants to strengthen us, as well as a God who puts people around us to help us through our stressful and exciting times!


Well, I am off to work and to conquer this busy day ahead of me. I plan on writing up some meal plans and recipes this week, so I will hopefully make the time for that soon! Happy Tuesday everyone!

Trainings and Runs

This week went by SO fast...which is great because I have next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off...yay! I am beyond excited and hope to get some good rest and relaxation time. Just thought I'd write a little update post on my runs and training sessions! This week's training sessions were so good and got me pretty sore! We usually do chest and triceps one day, then back and biceps, then a leg day all to itself. I've been working out with a personal trainer once a week, then working out of a plan he made for me twice a week. This week, one of his goals for me was to run 3 miles in under 30 minutes. My first reaction to that was that it would be completely impossible. I haven't been running at the rate that I used to run in months due to my stubborn knee issues. I've been interval running (1 min run, 1 min walk, etc) for a month now, and maybe reach 2.3-2.5 miles in 30 minutes by doing so. But, my trainer put that number in my mind, and I was determined to reach it!

My running plan was 3 miles, 3 times this week. I completed my first 3 mile run in 28:34! I really pushed it and was so proud of myself by the end of it. If I have a goal time in my head, and know I have to answer to someone about it, I definitely want to reach that goal.

And from there, my runs got even better! On Thursday, my 3 mile run was reached in 28:02, and then Friday, I ran 3 miles in 27:39! I believe that's the fastest I've been able to do 3 miles in almost a year!!

I feel so happy and excited that I have been able to run again with minimal knee discomfort. I think the key is to make sure I take enough days off (something I hated doing before) and be sure to ice and elevate my knee after runs. I have been scared to push myself lately, but my knee really has been feeling much better, so I'm glad that I had some incentive to push myself on my pace this week! It feels so good to be able to run again and reach mileage goals that I haven't been able to in a while! Maybe I can try 4 miles in under 40 minutes next week...hmmmm :)

Have a great Saturday everyone!

Workouts and Eats!

I thought I'd write a quick little post about my week and recap my workouts and yummy eats. It's been such a solid week this week with workouts and meal planning...I'm pretty happy about it! As I mentioned a few posts back, I started working with a personal training in the beginning of May. I meet with him once a week, and workout from a log book twice a week. Having the routine and motivation has helped so much, since I usually hop on a cardio machine for an hour and call it a day. Now, I do toning/circuit workouts 3 times a week, with steady cardio the other 3 days.

I'm a very early riser (5am anyone??) but I still make sure to eat something before I workout. I've found that when I have higher protein/fat foods as my pre workout snack, I have more sustained energy during my workout. This week my pre workout foods have consisted of nuts, hard boiled eggs, or pairing a small banana with a  few nuts.

photo 2


photo 4

I usually make my own trail mix because I despiseeeeee dried fruit (yuck!) so this week's nut mix is a combination of cashews, almonds, and macadamia nuts...yum!

photo 1

photo 2-2


My workouts have lasted between 45 minutes to 1 hour. I do 20025 minutes of circuits and then a 30 minute interval run after my workout. On my alternating days, I do the elliptical for about an hour. I found this awesome hill setting on our machines which I am loving!

I've been making sure to have good protein and healthy carbs after my workouts. This morning, I worked on my back and biceps, did a 30 minute run, then came home and reheated the last slice of my frittata with some white sweet potatoes! I posted the frittata recipe a few days ago if anyone is interested!

photo 3

Last night, we went out to Cheesecake Factory. I got the Skinnylicious (such a funny name) salmon. I had some dental work done yesterday morning which made chewing rather difficult, but the salmon was so soft and flakey, so it was the perfect meal! And look how pretty it is too!


photo 1-2


This week has just reminded me how important it is to fuel yourself in order to get the most out of your workouts. If I don't fuel properly, I feel sluggish and exhausted and don't perform as well in the gym. I've found what works for me through trial and error! I recommend figuring out how to get the most bang for your time at the gym and making sure to fuel properly with good nutrition! Nutrition is so key in a healthy lifestyle! Anyways, I am off to work! Happy Friday and YAY for the weekend!!!

"Make Good Choices" Monday

Wow! This day flew by for me. I had a training at our main office today which was SO good, it felt like a half day! We blinked and it was 5:30 already...I'm not complaining! Today was a great day as well because my mission of planning and making more balanced meals was a success! I may have slightlyyyyy deviated from my original plan I posted yesterday, but I still made good choices, ensuring my meals were balanced, healthy, and kept me fueled all day long! Here is a rundown of how my day went: I had my personal training session at 6am this morning, so I had one of my gluten free pumpkin protein squares before hitting the gym!


The workout was definitely a killer, but felt so good! We worked on chest and triceps, with a 25 minute interval run to top it off. As my post workout meal, I has some eggies with kale and a small banana. Gotta get that balance of protein and carbs! :)


I made sure to pack a filling day's worth of food for work today so I would not get hungry and tired again during my training. We learn so many new and valuable tools at our all-day trainings, so I wanted to be alert and awake to absorb all the information! I packed a peach for a snack, then had chicken, sweet potatoes, and an apple for lunch. Nuts were my afternoon snack before we got off!





Dinner was one of my favorites, Chipotle! I love their barbacoa and made sure to load up my bowl with lots of fajita vegetables, salsas, lettuce, and a few dollops of guacamole!



I felt like today was definitely a success! My meals were well thought out, contained adequate amounts of proteins, fats, and carbs, and kept me focused and energetic throughout the day. I also made sure to pack my lunch tonight for tomorrow so it is all set! That way I don't have an excuse for a lazy lunch if I am feeling rushed in the morning. Having your lunch packed the night before ensures that you will a) make good choices the next day and b) won't get stuck in a food emergency the next morning if you run out of time to pack a lunch! It's a win-win! :)

And on that note, this girl is definitely ready for bed!! Have an awesome evening everyone!

Life Lately

Happy Saturday everyone! I am so glad it is finally the weekend. I am currently icing my ankle as it has been randomly swollen all week. I had pain and tingling in it at the beginning of the week but worked out through the pain, then Thursday I noticed that it was seriously swollen! So I am icing and elevating and hoping it's nothing serious! photo 2-2

I thought I'd share my latest eats with you all and how life has been lately. In one word, life has been BUSY! I feel like every second of my week and weekends are accounted for. Thank God all my plans are fun with some lovely people, but I am actually looking forward to during the day today! Work has been keeping me busy too...always learning something new and slowly getting more and more comfortable! At least I have been able to keep up with my workouts and healthy eating through it all!

My latest pre-workout meals have been either toast with peanut butter, or some kind of baked good creation. This week, I used Nature's Own Honey Wheat bread to put my peanut butter on.

photo 1-2


I also baked some banana oat bread (recipe already posted!) with some added flaxseed (about 2 tablespoons) and an extra banana. This bread came out amazing!


photo 1


My workouts have been about 40-45 minutes long as I do not have much time in the AM before work! However, I am NOT an evening worker-outer, and will definitely blow off my workout the minute I get home from work. So I love getting my workout done in the morning because it fills me with a sense of accomplishment, as well as energy to sustain me throughout the day! I've been doing 30-40 minute bike workouts with some toning work at the end. Short and sweet!


photo 3-2


Post workouts have been tricky. Some mornings, I have time to make a nice meal after my workout. This week, I made oatmeal with half a scoop of protein powder, flaxseed, almond milk, bananas, and nuts! Oh and of course, tons of cinnamon!

photo 1-3


I also had some leftover beans in the fridge one morning and sautéed some kale and ate that with half an avocado. Seems more like a lunch, but it tasted great as breakfast too!

photo 4


And some mornings, I just grab a quest bar and go. I love these bars because they are full of protein and fiber and really act well as a post-workout meal when I am short on time!


photo 2

Lunches have been delicioussss this week. I packed tuna earlier on in the week, and had some trouble getting excited about it. Usually I love tuna, but I wasn't feeling it this week. I decided that I MUST pack foods I am excited to eat! Especially at work when that 30 minute lunch break is something I really look forward to! So, my mom and I made a Seven Bean soup recipe we got from our William's Sonoma soups cookbook. It's basically sautéing onions, garlic, bell peppers, and whatever veggies you have, adding however many types of beans you want, a can of diced or crushed tomatoes, and some broth. And viola! You've got a nice and healthy chili to take with you all week to work!


photo 3

I also made a salad with tons of greens, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, black beans, and avocado. Let's just say I've been on a bean and avocado kick lately :) such a great combo!


photo 2-3


Well, that's it for my update. I hope this post gives you some meal ideas for your busy week to come! Use this weekend for some serious meal planning and prepping to ensure healthy choices all week long! Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Back to the Basics

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone has started this week off with a bang! I thought I'd share my eats of the day with you all as some inspiration to show that sometimes, simple really is better! These past few weeks have been filled with ups, downs, stresses, events, good food, and good times for me. However, I woke up today thinking "I neeeeeed some simple, easy, clean foods back in my life!" So I decided to just plan my meals out and make them as simple, fresh, and easy as possible. And let me tell you, it felt great! Going back to the basics of having lean protein, fresh veggies and fruits, and healthy fats helps you appreciate these delicious and nutrient-dense foods in their natural form, and reminds you of how satisfying and satiating they can actually be! So here is my day! :) I woke up and had a banana before my workout this morning. I am finally get back into working out after being sick for 2 weeks! I did the bike with some toning work afterwards for my arms!

photo 1


After my workout, I made a quick veggie scramble before heading off to work.



For my day at work, I packed berries, salad with grilled chicken that I prepped last night, veggies, and nuts. These meals/snacks were so simple and were all from fresh, real foods. They kept me full and energized all day long!

photo 2

photo 1-2

photo 3

photo 4


After work, I met my parents at one of my favorite restaurants...Lemonade! I got their Pineapple chicken salad and Thai veggie salad. These salads are both so light and delicious and are filled with more of those fresh veggies!

photo 2-2


Whoever says vegetables don't fill you up has definitely never...well...eaten vegetables! Veggies are so filling because of their high water and fiber content. Plus they require lots of chewing, forcing you to eat slower and enjoy your food. This helps your body take time to digest, and helps your brain send those helpful "I am full so you can stop eating" signals. In addition to the nutritional benefits of vegetables (fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc), they are also great for volume eaters, like myself! I'd rather have a whole big bowl of something than a teeny tiny slice of anything else. That is why I love to fill my plate with lots of fresh, non-starchy veggies that are crunchy, fun to eat, and that fill me up! One of the best things I've ever done for my health is try to incorporate vegetables into at least 75% of my meals for the day, whether that is in scrambles, stir-fries, salads, snacks, soups, etc. Also, pairing high-quality proteins such as eggs, chicken, turkey, beef, or fish, with your vegetables is the best way to help you stay full and energized all day long, without compromising your healthy eating goals!

Whenever you are stressed out about meal planning or just need to snap out of some old habits creeping back up, just go back to your basics. Grab a protein, surround it with tons of veggies, and add some healthy fats to the mix. Simple, easy, healthy, and delicious!