Food, Fitness, and Wedding!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope it was a great weekend for all of you. I thought I would write a post just as an update of my life, eats, and workouts lately! I love to write so I figure, why not? :) Life has been busy but wonderful at the same time. I have found a groove and lifestyle that I love regarding work, friends, family, and health. Not that I don't have my challenges, because trust me I do! But then I realize God is with me through it all, and there is no other hand I would rather be in than His!

I have been meal planning and cooking like crazy lately! My meals last week were delicious and not in anyway boring. I made a huge batch of turkey marinara to take to work this week, consisting of some ground turkey, marinara, and bell peppers!


I also made a batch of grass fed beef, and some pumpkin protein squares to have some emergency protein and pre/post workout snacks on hand!



And yes, I am eating my beef with a little mermaid spoon....and proud of it!

As many of you know, my fiancé and I are also in the midst of crazy wedding planning stress. We have been busy planning photo shoots, the honey moon, managing the guest list, and a million other things that are on our list. We had a Starbucks date this week to discuss a few things...and I think I tired him out a bit!


My workouts have also been consistent lately. I am really seeing progress in my abilities to lift heavier weights! I also started the Frisky Fall challenge at Tone it Up which has served as great motivation! Their online community, workouts, and overall vibes are all fantastic! They have a "100 miles by Halloween" challenge, and I have already reached 22 of them! They post daily toning workouts and inspiration, which always gets you in the mood to workout! I highly recommend checking out their site,

I am also keeping up with my personal training sessions, and am actually on my way to one soon! Having my pre-workout nuts to power me through!


This week, I have two vacation days which I plan to fill up with fun adventures, cooking, working out, relaxing, and just enjoying some time to myself. I cannot believe we are already halfway through's crazy how fast time is flying!!

Anyways, I am off to get a good workout in before my day begins!! I love kicking off a new week with a workout, which sets the tone for a healthy week to come! I hope you all have an awesome Monday!