Why I'm a Beachbody Coach as a Dietitian

I became a dietitian on December 2nd, 2013. After 5 years of undergrad, and 2 years completing my Masters in Public Health in conjunction with my dietetic internship, I felt so accomplished that day as I walked out of the testing room. I am so giddy about being an RD. I can't believe I get to talk about food all day with people and get excited talking about how different foods effect our moods, our weight, and our overall health. I feel lucky to be able to do something that I love as my full time job...many people don't get that pleasure, and I know it's something I will never take for granted.

My dream job as an RD has always been to work one-on-one with clients. I love seeing the progress someone makes as they reach for better health, more confidence, and vibrant energy that the right foods can give. I started my private practice shortly after passing my RD exam, and it's been a steady source of joy for me to see the clients that I get to work with.


However, amidst my career as an RD, I still struggled with my own health and eating habits. Many of us become RDs because we struggle ourselves! We want to help others reach health because we know what it's like to be struggling with our food choices. Well, as an RD, I was still struggling and wanted to find motivation and accountability to treat my body well and honor the health that God had given me. It was 2 months before my wedding and I wanted to not only look great (let's be honest, we all want to look amazing on our wedding day!) but I wanted to FEEL great. I wanted to feel confident and vibrant on that day and for the rest of my life.

Enter: Beachbody

I started the PiYo program exactly 9 weeks before my wedding. I loved the results I was seeing and was telling everyone about this program. Little did I know that I could become a Beacbody coach and my job would basically be sharing with people what I am doing for my own health and fitness and inviting others to follow along with me. I signed up to coach at the end of February 2015 with Team Inspire Joy, and since then I have been sharing my journey with others in the hopes of showing them what has worked for me in my own life.

My results from PiYo! I had never had abs before, or felt as strong or capable. It was the first program I finished from start to end which was pretty amazing to me!

My results from PiYo! I had never had abs before, or felt as strong or capable. It was the first program I finished from start to end which was pretty amazing to me!

I became a Beachbody coach because I love the Beachbody programs, meal plans, and Shakeology. As a dietitian, I am very skeptical of EVERYTHING on the market, and actually became a coach not planning on drinking Shakeology. But after giving it a try and doing extensive research on the ingredients, I haven't found a better, more wholesome, or more nutritious shake out there. Plus, it's delicious and serves as a quick breakfast option, so that's a win-win in my book! Here are some more detailed thoughts on Shakeology from a dietitian's perspective!

So simply put, I became a Beachbody coach as a dietitian because I love the company, the products, the workout programs, and the overall team culture of the team that I joined! I wanted to have a space to share what's working for me in my own journey. I love running both businesses: as a dietitian and as a Beachbody coach, because I feel doubly blessed in how God has equipped me to serve others!

Lately, I've had some confusion on what I "do" as my business. Do I coach? See clients one-on-one? Create programs as a dietitian? And honestly, I do it all! I see one-on-one clients through my private practice, creating my own programs and meal plans for my clients, and I also do group coaching as a Beachbody coach with Beachbody workouts, meal plans, and Shakeology. Each client that comes to me is different, and based on what they need, we assess which route would be best for them!


So, IF you've been wanting to work with me (which I hope you do, because it's so fun!) here's what I offer:

Nutrition counseling: my nutrition counseling services would best fit your needs if

  • you struggle with knowing what is "healthy" and what kind of eating plan would best suit you
  • you want a customized, easy to follow meal plan specific to YOU
  • you want to work one-on-one on your personal health and nutrition needs
  • you want a health routine/plan created by me, the dietitian, and focused on you, my rockstar client!

My nutrition counseling services would be perfect for you and help you feel confident, guided, and supported throughout your health journey! Click here to learn more and to schedule your first session with me!

Group coaching: my group coaching services would best fit your needs if

  • you struggle with follow through and chronically start and stop programs and diets
  • you struggle with portion control and could use some tools to help you keep yourself in check!
  • you want to be in a community with others that are also striving for health and wellness
  • you want a fitness program designed for your activity levels and focused on your goals 
  • you are independent and just need someone to guide you through a program and motivate you to press play! 
  • you are curious about what I do as a coach and want in on Team Inspire Joy!

I offer group coaching via my Free Fit Club and my paid Joyfully Fit Bootcamps. Both offer the motivational community and accountability that will help you gain confidence, get in shape, and finally finish what you started! Join my next group my contacting me and discovering which group would work best for you!

As a dietitian, I am proud to be a Beachbody coach because I have seen a transformation in my life since becoming a coach and doing these programs. I can't help but share what I do with others! My heart's desire is to serve others in the ways that God has placed on my heart: by sharing the message of living a joyfully healthy life.


If you are wanting some more support in your own health and fitness journey, please reach out to me! We can start figuring out which of my services best fits your needs, and we can begin transforming your health and your life from the inside out!