Maternity Leave: Day 1!

Yesterday was my first day of maternity leave, and to say that it was busy is a definite understatement! My husband has demanded me to nap every day until the baby comes, but I'm starting to think that may not happen considering all that needs to get done before she arrives! I'm definitely in "nesting" mode and wanting to do "all the things" around the house (cleaning, decluttering, washing all the baby clothes, reorganizing her room over and over again, etc). It's so hard to just relax. I am SUCH a planner and the fact that I can't write on my planner "Baby Emma is born" on any day in the next few weeks kind of terrifies me. God is definitely teaching me how to let go of my plans and let Him take control. This is something I 100% canNOT plan, so I am definitely having to roll with the punches and give over every anxiety and worry to Him!

But, needless to say, there are still things that need to get done, and yesterday my lovely mama and grandma came over and helped me a ton! But first, I made a quick trip to the new Sprouts by our house. I usually don't shop at Sprouts because $$$, and our bill definitely was higher than usual, but I loved perusing around the new store and buying some goodies for our meals this week!

It felt so good to get fresh produce! I got zucchini and bell peppers to make a beef stew for dinner tonight, plus some gluten free products that I can't really find anywhere else. I usually stay away from gluten free processed foods (a cracker is a cracker, a cookie is a cookie, etc) but I wanted some quick things I can grab and go at home when hunger strikes! I got two kinds of crackers and some waffles for easy breakfasts. I also got some fruit, larabars, and nuts from their bulk bins! Overall, I spent $85, and I usually spend $50-$60 per week. So even though Sprouts won't be my go-to grocery store, I defintiely will visit it from time to time! 

I made a quick breakfast when I got home of 3 scrambled eggs with some coffee! I haven't had much protein the last few days, and knew I need a good dose. These eggs hit the spot!

Around 11am, my mom came over and we washed some baby clothes, picked up my grandma, and headed out! We went to Babies R Us and Hobby Lobby for some baby stuff, and I found this super cute sign that made me cry. I didn't get it though, because I think that it might me too mushy for my husband haha but I just cried in the aisle for a little bit, then walked away. Ohhhh hormones....

We got a ton of shopping done, then headed to Souplanation for lunch (MY FAV!) I wanted to go back for seconds, but got nauseous just after this much food as my belly is slowly running out of space. I'm having to eat less and less food, but more often throughout the day I am also kind of sick of eating and have way less of an appetite than before, but I read that's totally normal. We go for our next ultrasound tomorrow and I hope baby girl is still growing strong! This mommy is trying to eat eat eat! :) 

We came back home after lunch, packed up the hospital bag a bit more, and then I hopped into the shower to get ready ( was 2pm at this point). My belly felt so big yesterday! 

After this point in the day, I totally spaced and forgot to take pictures! BUT, I went to the mall with my mom in the afternoon, had dinner with my parents and my aunt, uncle and cousin (I split a pasta and chicken dish with my mom), then went to the hospital I am delivering at with my husband for an orientation/tour in the evening! It was nice seeing to see the hospital and hear what to expect when we check in, how labor and delivery looks, and where we will be staying once our baby is born. It is feeling more and more real as the days go on! We are so excited! 

I'd say maternity leave is off to a great, yet busy start. I'm hoping to incorporate more rest and relaxation in the days ahead! I am SUCH a busy body sometimes, and now with all this nervous and anxious energy, it's even worse! 

Today has been great so far though! Did my workout, finished up a meal plan for my client, and now about to fold some laundry and head to Target to print some Easter pictures! I am hoping a nap happens in the afternoon (right, Vasken?)

I hope you all are having a great start to your week. If anyone has tips on keeping anxiety at bay while you get closer to your due date...I AM ALL EARS! :)