Weekly Meal Plan & Goals

Morning y’all! Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. We are stilll recovering from Emma’s first fever/flu. Thank goodness she is feeling better but things got scary on Friday night when her fever shot up to 103 and infant Tylenol didn’t kick in till 5am. But thank goodness her fever finally broke and we are just dealing with tons of congestion in her cute little nose. 



Unfortunately, my husband caught whatever Emma had, so he’s down for the count this morning. Which means he wasn’t able to start Hammer & Chisel with me! I’m super bummed because he wanted to do this program together, but he can just jump in once he’s feeling better! I did the first workout today and realized how much I miss lifting weights! Can’t wait to see my 60 day progress and share with you all! 


With these programs, you get a certain amount of portion control containers for each food group to make sure you are following a balanced meal plan all day long. My husband and I both fit in to the 1800 to 2100 calorie bracket since I am breastfeeding and need the extra calories and nutrients! Which means we both get a ton of food every day! Here’s our tentative meal plan for the week!  


Pre workout: energize, the ONLY pre workout I’ll drink because it is plant based and what could be better than that!? 

Post workout: recover, the cleanest protein drink I’ve found that tastes like chooclate milk, yum! 

Breakfast: shakeology w/spinach, eggs

Snack: pumpkin oat muffins, vegetables  

Lunch: ground turkey, rice, roasted veggies OR salad and leftovers if hubby leaves any ;) 

Snack: nuts, fruit, rx bar


  • kufteh (basically ground beef and cracked wheat mashed together, a family favorite!) 
  • healthy sesame chicken w/rice and veggies
  • tilapia w/salad and potatoes
  • and leftovers of course!  


Of course, this is all tentative because we never know what the week will bring. This used to give me so much anxiety because I’m a perfectionist BUT I am so happy I’ve learned to have more balance and make last minute changes fit into my healthy lifestyle! 



 If you have trouble making a meal plan that you find balances your nutrients and keeps you full throughout the day, contact me up above and let’s get you on a plan that works for you! I work with clients one-on-one or in a group coaching setting to figure out what will best meet your needs to help you stick to your goals. Meal planning and prepping have basically become a hobby of mine and something I am so passionate about sharing with my clients. So don’t hesitate to reach out if you need some extra support! 



Daily Manna: Bring on the Eats!

Good morning everyone! Can you believe it is already the end of January? I sure can't! This year is already flying by, and before we know it my husband and I will be welcoming our sweet baby girl to our family! I'm 25 weeks pregnant this week, so only a few short months left...we are so excited!

It's time for another daily manna post over here! I love doing these daily eats posts because it helps me share what I typically eat and hopefully motivates people to stay on track. BUT I also want to show that I am a real person and don't eat 100% clean 100% of the time. I nourish my body to the best of my ability, making sure I fill up on enough of the good stuff to balance out the treats! 

So on this particular day, I woke up, did my country heat workout (I'm on week 3 of the program and loving it...so pregnancy-friendly) then whipped up breakfast!

2 eggs with fruit and a side of herb flatbread I made! This is called manayeesh and it's delicious! It DID give me heartburn after though...so I guess it didn't agree with my pregnancy! :( so sad...

I got hungry soon after breakfast, which has been happening on some days! Some days I am ravenous and other days I forget to eat...but I'm trying to stay on track as much a possible! Mid morning snacks included string cheese and chopped veggies!

I bought real carrots this week instead of baby carrots and oh my, they taste so much better! I came home from the store and peeled and cut them immediately so they are just as convenient as baby carrots, but so much tastier!

Lunch time came early as well since I was dealing with the hunger beast, so I chose to embrace it! Lentils and quinoa seasoned with garlic and cumin, and a yummy salad with greens, pecans, apples, tomatoes, and a sweet onion dressing!

After lunch snackage of banana with yummy almond butter, and some sweet potato chips when I got home! 

For dinner, I whipped up some herb salmon with some veggies and potatoes! I had already cooked the potatoes in bulk Sunday (yay for meal prep!) so I just had to cook the salmon and sauté the veggies and we were good to go! I love easy weeknight dinners, and meal prep makes it possible! 

And for a late night snack, my husband and I finished off some pineapple we had before I could snap a picture...so sorry! But it was delicious!!  

It was a yummy day of eats, and I love that all of this followed my meal plan and kept me and my baby girl nourished and full! It feels SO good to put good food in our bodies! And you can do it too! The more good food you eat, the more good food you crave...trust me! ;) I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday and eat some yummy things too!