Food & Fitness Plan: 3/9-3/15

Food and Fitness Plan: March 9-15 Hello world!! Ready for a new week? I sure am. I love the beginning of a new week. I like to look at my planner, figure out what’s going on, plan out my workouts, and see what food I have on hand to be as efficient as possible with my meal prep. I did some recipe development this week, and have some leftover BBQ chicken from dinner with my parents a couple nights, SO I am off to a good start with food! I always make sure to have good food and ingredients on hand so that when hunger strikes, I reach for something nourishing and healthy.

I am also on week 4 of my PiYo workouts and loving every minute of it! I plan to continue following the calendar and supplementing with some additional cardio throughout the week. This is my tentative workout plan:


Monday: PiYo

Tuesday: PiYo + cardio 30 mins (either run/walk or elliptical)

Wednesday: PiYo + cardio 30 mins (preferably outside)

Thursday: PiYo x2 (in the AM by myself and in the PM with my friend!)

Friday: Run/walk 45 minutes

Saturday: PiYo strength intervals

Sunday: PiYo + cardio outside

Food-wise, I have a ton of veggies and fruits in the house, plus some good protein options. I also have been doing some recipe development for a special project (eBook of recipes!) that I am working on, so that has been fun too! Here are my meal options for the week:






Taco breakfast bake (can really be eaten with any meal of the day!)

Salads with protein (today will be leftover bbq chicken…yum!)

Lentil Vegetable stew (recipe in the making)

Going out with parents/friends/family (i haven’t been doing much of this lately, but when I do, it’s usually always a healthy choice!)

That about sums up my week! Now I’m off to get ready for MONDAY. I’m hoping this day goes by smoothy and quickly for all of us!