Finding my HAPPY...and how you can too

It's no secret that I am the happiest that I have been in quite some time. Heck, I even changed my Instagram name to happywholeeats.RD because I want everyone to experience the peace, joy, and overall happiness I've felt. I am so thankful to God for this and for His direction and wisdom in this crazy ride called life! I hope this post helps someone out there find their own happy too, and know that I am always here to help!


I don't think people realize how important the foods we eat are, not only to our health but our overall quality of life. This post is about just that. How I've found my happy through the foods I'm eating and choosing, and hopefully, how you can too.

It’s been 1 month since I have gone 100% gluten free. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that my history with eating gluten free has been rocky. And if you just started following along, let me recap you so you are all caught up. It’s storytime, ladies and gentleman!

Back in 2012, I was diagnosed with a severe gluten intolerance after months of bloating, basically looking pregnant, and uncontrollable gas that kept me home most nights instead of out with friends because...embarrassing! Cutting out gluten eased these symptoms almost immediately, and I was grateful to finally find a way of eating that worked and didn't' send me running to the bathroom after each meal like I had done since I was a little girl.

All was fine and well until I started dating my then boyfriend, now hubby, Vasken. I didn’t want to be a high maintenance eater (even though he NEVER made me feel that way and even researched restaurants for gluten free options while planning our dates!) so I decided to slowly start incorporating gluten back into my diet. My stomach issues came back, but I wanted to ignore them, because I had missed all my gluten-containing foods SO much. I lived for bread baskets at restaurants, Panera cookies, and of course, my beloved Wetzel Preztel cinnamon bitz. I kept going back to my gluten free diet when I started feeling sick again, then hated the deprivation and went right back to binging on all of my favorite gluten-containing foods. It was years of this on again, off again routine with me, and I hated the inconsistency and the stomach issues that it was causing. I also wanted to be “free” with my food choices, but now I realized I was wanting this freedom as a way to binge on all of my favorite foods when times got tough, and at the expense of causing severe digestive distress, as well as brain fog, allergy symptoms, dark circles under my eyes, and constant anxiety. This went on for years and years, and the frustration with my health, stomach issues, and binging grew.

During pregnancy, I was also able to eat pretty much whatever I wanted, which I have heard happens with pregnant women and food sensitivities. Your body is so focused on the BABY, so those types of things take a backseat. And once Emma was born, with breastfeeding hunger and the craziness of life with a newborn, I didn’t really worry about what was going into my mouth. But I hated the fact that I had to cut some nursing sessions short because of my urgent need to use the restroom, or that I couldn't console Emma when she woke up because I was yet again, in the bathroom.

On top of that, going back to work was so hard on me, that I basically binged my way through work days on Oreos, crackers, and chips. This added to my stomach issues, stress, anxiety, and my waistline. At the end of October, I found myself 13 lbs heavier from when I had gone back to work back in August.

So, the morning of Emma’s 6 month birthday celebration, 10/29/17, I decided that enough was enough. I decided to start back up on my gluten free diet then and there. I KNEW that I would feel deprived, so I already had a plan of attack: finding the BEST gluten free and paleo recipes (Against all Grain has been my saving grace!) I could find for my favorite treats, so I would never feel deprived again.

And you know what the crazy part is? I saw improvements, not only in my health and weight, but in my anxiety and moods. I’ve been happier, less stressed out, I don’t cry at work anymore, I don’t binge at work anymore, and I have a more even temper (just ask my hubby). Yes, I lost the 13 lbs I gained, but to me, I’ve gained so much more:


  • More restful sleep (which is hard with a baby!)
  • More energy for my workouts
  • Less anxiety/stress
  • Less tears going to work
  • Clearer skin
  • Clearer mind
  • A more positive outlook on life as a working mom
  • Less urgent trips to the restroom
  • Less bloat
  • Trying on clothes I would “never” wear and actually feeling GOOD in them
  • ...and my jeans fit again!


And yes, not ALL of this may be attributed to cutting out gluten, but I know many people who have experienced similar benefits when they clean up their diet and start avoiding gluten. I know that I like this version of me way more than the anxious, stressed out, and teary one. I am more energetic, I am a happy healthy mama, I am a better wife, and I am enjoying the heck out of the foods I’ve been cooking and baking!


And the truth of the matter is, gluten is an inflammatory agent. So we know that eating less gluten is healthier for us all in general. Check out this post for more of the science on that.

All this to say, I feel the healthiest and happiest I have felt in a good long while. And I want everyone I know to experience this type of joy when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle! The fact that I have been happier has been more motivating for me to stick to it than anything else. And, these cookies have made it easier as well!

My wish is to work with my clients from now on with a more holistic approach, and really dive into which foods may be helping their health (mind, body, and soul), and which foods may be hurting their health. Not everyone will be sensitive to gluten, because we are all different. My aim is to help you INDIVIDUALLY assess your health and create a plan that works best for YOU.

And what better time than now to start? My 2018 packages are a great and affordable way to get the complete package of working 1:1 with me as your own personal dietitian. These packages will only be available until December 29th, so take advantage of them now!

You only have one life to live on this earth. So why not live it as your happiest, energetic, and most vibrant version of yourself? Make 2018 your BEST year and let’s figure out how you can find your own HAPPY when it comes to eating and living well!


Goals, food, and a FREE community just for you!

Good afternoon all! I hope you all are having a great start to the week! I am planning on doing these little goals/updates posts every Monday to keep myself accountable and to keep y'all in the loop as well! I love using this blog as my online diary, and I'd like to thank you all for following along and supporting me! :) 

This week is my second week of half-marathon training in conjunction with strength training! I am combining 21 day fix/fix extreme workouts, running, and the new Beachbody program, 22 minute Hard Corps! Yup, just 22 minute military-style workouts that I am loving lately! Everyone has 22 minutes guys...EVERYONE. If you want more info on this, please contact me! Busy is no longer an excuse when it comes to this program! ****


My goals this week are to stick to my plan (3x running, 3x strength training, 1 rest day), follow the 21 day fix meal plan, write my weekly newsletter (click subscribe up top so you don't miss out!), and write an article for the online magazine I have been writing for...LA Intel! Overall, lots of workouts, lots of eating, and lots of favorite things!

Meal plan: 

My meal plan for this week is as follows:

Breakfast: protein oat bars (recipe coming soon), shakeology (duh), eggs

Lunch: kebab, rice, salads, steamed veggies

Dinner: quinoa salads, kebabs, basically same as lunch!

Snacks: larabars, nuts, banana w/almond butter, veggies

I'm keeping things balanced and focused on getting all my containers in! It's so important to eat the correct portions of all these foods, and I love my fool-proof container system that helps me do so! :) this program has changed the way I view food SO much, and I love that I can always count on it to help be stay nourished and listen to my body all at the same time. And coaching my clients through this meal plan and seeing THEIR progress and success is just the icing on the cake! My coaching heart is full and happy!

Fit for Joy FREE online community!

Lastly, I am so excited to announce the new and improved *FREE* Fit For Joy community!!! I have had this on my heart for a while and it's time to take the plunge!

Many of you know I host my monthly challenge groups, or what I call my Joyfully Fit Bootcamps. But I've also wanted to create a space for people who just want a free community of strings attached! A place to be with other like-minded individuals with similar health and fitness goals so that we all feel supported on this journey!

If you choose to join in on this free community, here's what to expect:

* you will be added to my private Facebook group, "Fit for Joy"

* monthly free challenges on habit change, healthy eating, working out, and thriving in all areas...mind, body, and soul!

* being in a community of people who have the same goal in mind: living a HEALTHY LIFE!

All I ask of you is to take OWNERSHIP of your health and participate in the gift of accountability this group offers, which means posting about your journey! Including foodie pics, sweaty selfies, and motivating others along the way!

This community is only available to those NOT currently working with a beach body coach (unless that coach is already me!)

Who's in?? Fill out this application and I will get back to you! :)

SO excited to be launching our first FREE challenge within this community next week all about Healthy Habits! Make sure to fill out the application above so that we can get in touch and you can be added to the group! :) 

Ok, I am off for some biz work and some relaxation time! Have a  happy Monday all!